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Four digit production

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    According to Nth Dakota monthly production figures, SSN had 12 wells in production, with three wells - EVERETT 1-15H, Bootleg 4-14-15TFH, Bootleg 5-14-15TFH - producing from 13375, 15898 and 15424 BO, respectively.

    Net SSN production (from nth Dakota for Dec) was about 662 BOPD for Dec 2014.

    According to Zoom_Bee, January production will include Bootleg 8 and Ironbank 5 (no production for Dec 2014) which contributed 20,000+ BO for 365 BOE\D net to SSN.

    If Dec production is maintained into New Year, then Jan '15 could be first time that SSN can report net production
    > 1000 BOPD.

    That is one major achievement for this minnow.

    Can it be sustained? Should SSN cash in on hedged contracts? OR is PoO on mend?

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