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    As all LTH's know, yesterdays share price action was exciting on the surface, but unless you are in a privileged position of knowing through your brokering company, who was actually buying and selling the large parcels, it is all speculation that some top 20 shareholders were moving out and then back in.

    The peaks of 0.10 and 0.105 basically lasted 1-3 minutes, 30 minutes later it's 0.079.
    227,000 shares were sold at 0.105....the volume was created by traders, piggy-backers, joy-riders, you name it, but not Peters true believers...we just watched the show unfold during the day.

    We understand the technology, we understand what's coming, we have been the black sheep for years and yesterday was a classic case of herd mentality.

    What's really important is todays AGM....could there be some short term pain regarding certain individuals on our Board ? I am very sure that Peter will take great pride in delivering his messages to the shareholders today.

    If you are attending the AGM, make a point of shaking his hand and acknowledging his and the teams achievements, another major milestone is coming for this company, will it be announced today, who knows ?
    But Peter Van Der Mades longtime supporters know that it's truly now, just over the horizon.

    The mob, can only see "The Brains" red tail lights, as we launch into a parallel universe...long live Spiking Neural Networks...Akida is/will be our jewel...biggrin.pngrolleyes.pngtongue.pngwink.pngsmile.png

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