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    I am a current employee of voicenet, an australian company which
    has decided about 2 years ago to buy enterprises in Chile
    and begin software developement. I am the Head of development
    here in Chile.

    This company has stopped sending money to pay the salaries,
    the taxes, the providers, etc. and here in Chile we know
    that this company really *is* sending money, but only to
    a selected group of people. i.e. it is not only not paying
    me (and others) but it is discriminating people. It owes
    a lot of money here, not only to people, but to the country
    (Taxes), the health system, etc.

    Maybe 2 months ago some shares worth $1.8 Million were sold
    but we believed (wrong!) that that money would be used to
    sell what we did here and pay salaries, etc.

    What is the best thing we should do to force this public company
    to use the money to what was intended to? Any way to tell
    someone about the discrimination?

    The web address

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