foul language - re-post

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    This is a re-post from earlier last night so that those whom had logged-off can also read it.

    I'm not a prude and do use profanities occasionaly at the appropriate time and place, but my sensitive side tells me that some of you folk aren't playing by the rules.

    The "Terms Of Use" requirements are being ignored at epidemic proportions by circumvention of the profanity filter.
    We all know what you mean by using "rooted" "fuker" and "cokhead", as well as a multitude of other variations using substitute characters, so this is a plea for common sense to prevail when you need to have a go at other posters (which in essence is also a forbidden TOU). Let's not stuff up this site just so you can service your ego with chuckles/snickering for that moment.

    If you are not sure of the parameters for the "Terms Of Use", click on the TOU at the bottom right corner of a post to see them.

    I think this site is reasonably tolerant, so please heed the request and do the right thing.


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