Former Hanlong chief Liu Han executed

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    Former Chinese mining magnate Liu Han has been executed by authorities in Hubei, state media reports.

    Mr Liu rose to prominence in Australia as executive chairman of Hanlong Group, which remains the largest shareholder of ASX-listed Moly Group and Sundance Resources.

    According to Xinhua, citing a statement from Xianning Intermediate People's Court, the founder and former group chief of Hanlong was executed along with his brother Liu Wei and three others for ‘taking part in a mafia-style organisation’ as well as ‘homicide’ and other crimes.

    Liu was sentenced to death in May after a court found him guilty of corruption and leading a mafia-style crime ring for the three decades while building his business. He was also found guilty of include murder, running casinos illegally and selling firearms illegally.

    Mr Liu was originally arrested for harbouring a fugitive, but his charges were extended to include corruption and graft, which can carry the death penalty.
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