forget it gaweb! moj is a misanthrope!

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    Yeah, Moj, all the sensible and good people in the world are Christian and all non-Christian are evil. Is that your view of the world? And of all the Christians are the... say Russian and Greek Orthodox OK? Piss them off too? What about the Micks? No good also? Fine. Put them up against a wall also. Now let's see... Methodists no good? Yeah, you're right there! Shoot those god damned shits! Mormons? Jehovah's Witnesses? Oh, no, not the Anglicans! They're boy doodle twiddlers that lot! Anyone I left out? Can't think now... All that blood is making me sick. Lucky I'm an atheist! Or AM I? Psssst! Don't tell anyone but I'm also an anti-globalist!
    Oh Mojo, Mojo, Mojo!
    Dumb and dead as a dodo!
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