Forex trading 2019 TA/FA setups and discussion, page-7

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    Yep, not sure what happened there (I checked for any DT tweets - nothing), but whatever, it seems to have been an over-reaction and has now pulled back. AUD lost 230 pips at one stage, down to 67.6c before bouncing.

    I was pleasantly surprised to walk down to the office after breakfast to find one of my EA's captured most of the move on the UJ - it took out my 1xRisk TP order but also the 4xRisk TP that I include in my 2nd order for every position (I figure if it hits that then I'm happy to be in and out & take the money).

    Between the above trade and the move down on the EU overnight which I also got I'm off to a nice start to the year.

    Cheers, Sharks

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