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    Hi Rick

    I'll write up a description of the conference EA's over the weekend. It's difficult to rate them only because I haven't traded them or even tested them yet (imo the proof of whether they are any good is whether they will actually make money - a criteria I have set myself if I will sign up again and go next year). Effectively I have paid money for them but whether they are worth that money will be in how they perform - to be determined.

    2 of the 3 EA's are pretty simple though, with from memory only 1 or 2 variables at most. The 3rd (the pairs EA) is more complex. So I could easily write the 1st 2 EA's if I had the ideas, but I definitely couldn't write the pairs one (it requires a couple of custom indicators which Tradeview provide).

    I plan to have tested them and be able to go live with them by the end of March after backtesting and demo testing - so I expect I will know whether they are worrh paying for by the end of June, realistically.

    Cheers, Sharks

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