Zesty, good move, imo EA's are the way to trade in future. Now...

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    Zesty, good move, imo EA's are the way to trade in future. Now that I have 4 running live, I love coming back into the office and seeing what the EA's have been busy doing while I've been out doing something else or in the morning while I've been asleep.

    Regarding your AI question, I haven't thought of it as AI, but I have thought about some kind of calculation/algorithm which may revise the value of some settings or variables that a EA uses to reflect changes in market conditions over time. No concrete ideas yet though. I did see a good example of AI demonstrated by one the the presenters at the recent Tradeview conference - the guy that presented the pairs strategy included a watchlist tool that monitors the value of 2 variables for the selected range of markets. The variables are used as go/no-go filters which indicate when the markets exhibit the right price action conditions that are suitable for the pairs strategy and so when the strategy can be expected to perform well. It would be like having a trending model which comes with an indicator that tells you when the market is showing trending conditions suitable for the model. I'm hoping to have this EA along with the other 2 from the conference up and running (live) by the end of March - a bit of work to do before then though.

    Rick, welcome back - or are you still chasing wolves in the snow? I agree the skype idea will hopefully help accelerate the learning curve and get more out of what we are trying to do with EA Labs (and not do things the hard way...).

    Cheers, Sharks

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