Spoiler Alert: This post contains absolutely no tips or anything...

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    Spoiler Alert: This post contains absolutely no tips or anything anybody would find useful for their trading, just a bit of an update from me.

    Just caught up on the thread! Great content as always.. As you say Rick, it's a shame (surprising actually) that there is so much here, yet so few posters... perhaps that's why it's good however, it hasn't devolved like many threads usually do in the presence of too many egos?

    Anyway just wanted to drop a line and check in - The move into the new house went well! Been in about a month now, silly me thought it wouldn't need much attention, but the minister has had me slaving in 'DIY projects mode' (okay, I'll admit it's been great fun and a good break from the screens). I did rip out and resize the cabinetry above the fridge so it would fit, it's amazing what you tube can teach you. Few weeks until I'm off again for a month for wedding/honeymoon, so might be a little more active until then.

    Quick update on my trading - I had another surge of good results on my ASX trading (On one day I had closed positions and was sitting on an 840% return from my starting capital 2.5 years ago!), but alas the emotions are difficult for me in that space, and predominantly because my methodology is not technical, or even necessarily fundamentally based - it has a lot to do with price action overlaid with sentiment and where it all fits together in the macro market, so essentially I'm CONSTANTLY second guessing myself and flipping from bullish/bearing sometimes on a daily basis as I try to catch moves. It's obviously working for me to a degree, but with big wins I have had some massive losses, the last of which has just wiped around 300% off that high over the last month! Much like Specgoldbug, I take the losses very personally when i'm not trading a system, each trade is highly discretionary and I have nobody to blame but myself, and unfortunately track record isn't a very good "She'll be right" indicator to get a good nights sleep. So, amidst everything else going on in my life I've decided to throw in the towel for a while (maybe indefinitely, long term investments and SMSF/ASX300 excepted, but that's not "trading") - the cost by way of time and stress is not worth it for me, and it's having a big impact on my career so time to break the cycle! I'm out.

    What's next? I'm throwing myself headlong again into the Forex EA trading, Which I have of course already made a small dent into, but it's time to take it more seriously. I feel it is much more aligned to how I want to trade and live my life so I think that whilst it may come at a short term 'opportunity loss', the other benefits are worth it and I have confidence in the long term investment.

    Goals for 2019 still remain: Get at least one profitable EA running live and build from there, but hopefully I can achieve this during Q3 achieve much more.

    I have also recently made a decent investment with the Trade View - I have picked up both of the 2017/2018 conference packages (which includes all of the content and EAs from those events), as well as booked myself a ticket for the 2019 conference which I am excited about with some of their speakers, particularly Ernie Chan/Roger Hunter, my long term goal (5 years?) is aligned with some of the work they are doing.

    So - time to hit the books! Looking forward to the continued discussions here and as always hope I can contribute.

    P.S. - Sorry for the "life story" post, once I'm stuck back in properly from around May onward i'll be back to posting about my EAs and what I'm working on.
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