Update to Forex thread 3 - Trading StrategyHi Guys, I have had a...

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    Update to Forex thread 3 - Trading Strategy

    Hi Guys, I have had a few emails from some new and experience traders asking for some help in trading Forex. As I stated last week, I am putting a price action strategy on a new thread in just over the next two weeks time. Last week I create a new moderate size account to trade this system for this thread. This way I can show some results that may be obtainable after a trial period. This is MY CORE STRATEGY I have been trading for 12 months but mainly on the 5 minute charts. I have been talking about it for a year without explaining all the details.
    It works better on H1 & H4.

    Here were my Weekly results trading this strategy only on H1 & H4 -

    Total Pips Won - 917
    Total Pips Lost - 217
    Max draw down 1.5%
    Win Rate 81%

    My total pips won was a bit higher that the strategy suggested because I traded a few setups with multiple positions, which is just my lack of discipline or maybe I decided to make some extra money.

    Nevertheless it works for everyone who has patience.

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