Hi RickI was keen to try the competition this year simply...

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    Hi Rick

    I was keen to try the competition this year simply because I've now got EA's trading live and I thought it would be fun, so no pushing required from Bisher.

    Yes the new account is with the same broker as the other accounts - IC. Same everything, and yet when I turn it on twice each day to check for valid H12 setups at the same time as the other 3 accounts do, it regularly mis-identifies 1-3 setups (out of 12 markets) as valid when on the other 3 accounts it doesn't.

    As for the TV EA's the daily breakout EA is now working really well in demo - I will probably go live with that one at the end of March. I have added a portfolio function to this one to hit pause when there's a lack of breakouts - it slowly loses money when the market is consolidating so I figured it would work better if it pauses when that happens and then re-start either after 24 hours or at the start of the next week - which it now does automatically. 

    The conference ones - too early to tell. I wanted to have them in demo by now but I'm a bit behind schedule.

    Cheers, Sharks
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