Sharks On an unrelated note, have you dabbled in AI previously...

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    On an unrelated note, have you dabbled in AI previously or do you intend to go down that course at all on your Forex journey?

    I have a lot of ideas and strategies already mapped and this is my ultimate end goal, probably starting in 2020/2021 at this rate - effectively developing some form of 'meta-analysis' driven 'EA' based on a multitude of indicators or EA/strategies which adapts over time to meet market conditions (given different weightings over time).

    My overly simplified hypothesis is that there are really only very few points of moving data coming out of the Fx markets, and when one has a good grasp on how those are expressed (i.e. through indicators) then it should be a relatively easy task to run these data feeds through a program that does a much better job at analysing all of the different variables than us humans and making decisions as to adjusting, or creating new, strategies to suit the market environment - so unlike an EA where it's just measuring hard data against strict rules, spitting out a yes or no based on human instruction, I want to eventually take it that next step.

    Not sure if you've considered this avenue, and i'm 100% sure my above explanation has completely butchered what AI/machine learning really is, but fundamentally I believe this is achievable and have only ever heard one interview with a trader who is doing anything close to what I envisage - so the only issue I have is the need to build my knowledge base brick by brick in order to at least test my ideas! I figure starting with EAs and better understanding Fx markets is the logical first step. I think a feasible long long term goal would be to actually launch a proprietary system into a market that should, let's say in the next one or two decades, have a much higher financial markets and systems literacy.

    If you, or anybody else, has considered this and has any interest i'd be very keen to chat. No overnight plans for me though, just loosely speaking one of my life goals
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