Hi MasonI've taken a similar approach - using a portfolio EA on...

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    Hi Mason

    I've taken a similar approach - using a portfolio EA on its own chart not to trade but to print the data for certain portfolio related variables to the terminal log file and to trigger certain alerts. I also wanted to use it to perform portfolio cut-offs in case of drawdown limits, etc, but it has turned out to be easier to do that within each trading EA. I also get each EA to print certain variable data to the terminal log file. I check the log files daily to check everything is as it should be or track down issues, and I copy the log files to an archive for future reference.

    I did have 4 live EA's running at the start of Jan, but I've stopped running two of them. One turned out to be based on a concept with flawed logic, and the other I stopped because it was too highly correlated to my 1st EA. So I now have only 2 running and they are working well - but I haven't got an equity curve as nice as Rick's just yet.

    I also decided to enter the Tradeview trading competition, since there are good prizes on offer. Its a live account competition so I decided I would simply trade my 1st EA on that account and see how it goes just for interest - exactly the same EA as I have already been trading on 3 other live accounts now for 4 months - and struck a problem in the 1st 2 days (it took 2 trades it wasn't supposed to) and have had to suspend the EA trading on that account for the time being because even though it is the exact same EA as on the other 3 accounts, it is behaving differently - it is falsely identifying setups that it does correctly on the other accounts. Totally bizarre, I haven't been able to figure this problem out (its been 2 weeks) - and the Tradeview guys have not been able to help.

    Hi TwoHands

    Yes there is a magic number that is/can be a unique identifier for each EA/market/chart/timeframe. It is a number that is selectable so you can set unique numbers or have some of them in common, depending on whether you want isolation or interaction between EA's. Still experimenting with the possibilities.

    Cheers, Sharks

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