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    Hi Zesty, yes that is the correct site. Its very odd that you haven't been contacted after registering - they are normally, let's just say very sales focused, so I'm really surprised they aren't calling you.

    Their pricing is dependent on your subscription basis - i.e. its cheaper if you pay for 12 months in advance, but I think there is also a monthly option which will end up being a bit more - I pay annually and my subscription works out to just under $70/month, but I am told the rate is higher now. I suspect the reason they don't advertise the pricing is that they like to offer special deals regularly and so there might be a standard list price but probably hardly anyone pays that rate (a bit like hotel rack rates).

    I suggest if you're interested that you call them on the number listed on the contact us page - despite being "pushy" they are good guys and very helpful and professional - mention to them that you have registered but not heard back, I'm sure they'll take the feedback on board.

    I think Rick mentioned a few weeks ago the idea of setting up some skype sessions for interested contributors, if so then I think it might be useful to set up a skype group for EA Lab users who post here to discuss/share ideas and/or tips, I know I would find it handy to ask others at times if they've solved a problem I'm currently trying to solve and happy to share my knowledge - might be better than bogging down this thread down with a bunch of programming talk that others might not be interested in.

    Cheers, Sharks

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