Traits of a Forum Groupie ( I see one a week on other forums )...

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    Traits of a Forum Groupie ( I see one a week on other forums )

    1.. Have multiple Usernames
    2.. Talk in riddles and never answer a question directly.
    3.. Post Demo Account trades that are of a enormous trade size. So large are the wins, it blows away newbie forex traders.

    Anyone that trades Very Large are in a special group of Pro traders - 1 in 5000 Forex traders make this list.

    Traits of a Diamond +++ Forex Trader

    1.. They never trade outside their strategy and without a correct setup.
    2.. They don’t talk to Amateur traders on forums.
    3.. They do not trade large unless the risk v’s reward is correct.
    4.. Probably trade with a EA anyway.
    5.. Do not trade on Retail Broker Platforms like IG, they trade Futures or with EN Brokers direct to the market.

    I asked around this morning to a group of traders about the setup last night on EURGBP
    Not one trader thought it was a great setup as there was NO TREND ( O.K. only a small bunch of traders ).
    The setup may of being a worthwhile short but only on a small trade size as risk was too high. No serious trader would have gone short on a very very large trade size here, it was just stupid.
    Spec’s short was OK because size wasn’t large, small pain if it failed.
    Also Scalpers trade for Volatility, the EURGBP comes 26 out of 28 on a list for Voloatility.
    This pair for a scalper is a waste of margin, they prefer to trade the GA & EU pairs so wouldn't trade it.

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