Foreign Tax residency - did you get a letter?

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    Im posting this because I got a letter from my Bank asking to fill out about 4 pages of information with Passport photo's, the whole box and dice.
    They asked to post all this dangerous info via snail mail or email.
    I rang my bank and told them I would not send all this info via mail. I also told them they have all my details and all my trust details already as I have been a customer for a long time. They have every big of information about me that you can have.

    The letter is about Foreign Tax Residency and asks if you have any foreign tax residency.

    If you get one of these letters dont fret you can go into your bank and just identify yourself and they will tick you off and away you go.
    The letter is legitimate as I said I wrang the bank and Im going in there tomorrow to get ticked off.

    Just thought Id let everyone know that all they have to do is go into any branch of their bank and get ticked off, you dont have to send all this dangerous info - easy.
    I hope this helps all those that got this letter.
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