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Forecast for Q3

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    *Edit note: Title should be forecast for Q3 and Q4 as i decided to extrapolate it further*

    Hi guys, hope we are all well from all this drama that is happening over the past few days.

    I personally am still holding firmly with no zero sell order in the past 3 years since after that spike to 40c in end of 2015 which i traded a couple.

    I have been looking at the GPTV upgrades that we've been getting this past few months and the growth has been significant this past few months.

    Taking the data and information that we have present, i tried to work out what we could expect for the coming Q3 and Q4.

    Please note that i have not taken any other revenue stream from Probanx, BBS, Paydentity and eMoney Accounts. This is solely based on the GPTV and MSF upgrades we are looking at from ISXPay.
    Based on the above charts, we know that the GPTV for April, May and June is $310mil, $470mil and $420mil respectively which gives MSF for those months of $810k, $880k and $980k which is around 3.2%, 2.29% and 2.8% basis points. This is what we know from the charts given. This gives us a Q2 GPTV gross profit of $2.68mil solely on ISXPay card acquiring.

    Based on the Q2 reporting, we had a cash receipt of $6,014,000 and a net profit of $1,357,000($736,000 if deduct incentives and interest gain)

    For Q3, we know the GPTV reported for July and August being $830mil(Shown in Half Yearly Report @ 28/9/2019) and exceed $1.1bil(Shown announcement 9/9/2019). For July, the MSF shows approximately $1.42mil from $830mil GPTV which gives us 2.05% basis points. With that, i have made an assumption that 2.05% will be applicable for August and September. GPTV growth from July to August is about 36.5% growth MoM so i have assumed 30% growth for August to September as a guidance which results in a GPTV of $1.457bil GPTV for September or MSF of $2.489.9mil @ 2.05 basis points.

    With this information, Q3 MSF or gross profits from ISXPay card acquiring would be around $5,822,900 or 117% growth from Q2 MSF.

    I have further projected this onto a spreadsheet to get a clearer view of where we stand in Q3 and Q4 in the next post.

    Take note that this is a projection which i have done based on the information available and an assumption that growth continues. Please DYOR and do not rely on this for your investment decisions.
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