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    I don't actually own any MDX stock (unfortunately), however, I thought I'd pass on this little piece of info to the shareholders that do. I was hunting for info on RRR on an English stock chat web site and came across this.

    Thought you gals and guys might be interested...

    "there's some interesting stuff going on with Red Rock in the Yilgarn. They are building a stake in Mindax and its just emerged that Callum Baxter & Paul Askins (directors of GGP - RRR chairman is also chairman of GGP) own abutting AXS listed IRM tenement in Yilgarn and are also major shareholders.

    It looks like Red Rock are lining up the whole area as a multi million ton Iron Ore resource "parcel" for consolidation.

    who would be interested??

    Mt Alfred and abutting tenements are very prospective for haematite (highest possible grade Iron Ore) and the RRR move on Mindax, plus cosy arrangements with IRM, Jupiter Mines are also on side.....this would be a true Multi million ton world class resource.

    Portman also own 3 abutting tenements and are 80% owned by US giant Cleveland Cliffs (Cleveland paid US$500m 2 years ago).

    Portman currently direct ship 8m tons of iron ore p/y to China. It is no secret that their resources are starting to run dangerously low.

    The point I am making is that at some time soon there will be an aggressive drive for resources - maybe Portman, maybe someone else, but its about being in the right place at the right time..

    If the share price goes on a run for no apparent reason it will be because the Aussies have woken up to what's happening here.

    taken from :
    post by "my terms" under heading BHP & The Dragon.


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