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    Hi Hotazel.

    January 13th 2009. Cam Iron selected by Cameroon Government to develop West African Iron Ore Export Terminal.
    Parties selected to participate in the development of the multi-user port comprise.

    Cam Iron SA  Financing, construction and operation of the iron ore terminal.
    Rio Tinto Alcan "   " "   aluminium terminal.
    Bollore Group "   " "   container terminal.
    Angelkique / SCDP    " "   hydrocarbons terminal.
    Petredec /Camship
    Vinci / SOGEA /SATOM   " of civil works, infrastructure and utilities
    Boskalis International.

    The Iron Ore terminal will be constructed by Cam Iron as a stand-alone facility but with provision for staged development of multi-user operations by the other selected operators. This should allow for sharing of common infrastructure and utilities.
    Recent marine surveys have been done.

    Others funding. 2014,  Earlier in 2012, Sundance signed memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Equatorial Resources and Core Mining for sharing the infrastructure such as Rail and Port to be developed as part of the Mbalam-Nabeba project. Similar infrastructure sharing discussions are in place for other few iron ore projects in Congo and Cameroon as well.  

    WWW.E-MJ.COM 2014. The low strip ratio will help make this one of the lowest cost projects in the world, Casello said. It would require 50 Mt  of ore to get 35Mt of Iron, as opposed to the 450Mt of ore  to get 35Mt of Iron in the Pilbara.

    www.Spangel Pellets offer an option to commend premium pricing against a drive to improve energy efficiency and cut back on pollution.
    Pellet premiums in Europe for the second quarter 2013 were in the range of $28/dwt and Platts predict that negotiations with Vale for 2014 are likely to be higher with negotiations between Vale and Northeast Asian mills said to be set at around $40/dwt.  Pellet Feed is made from the Itabirite which Sundance Resources has Many , many Billion of tonnes.
    From the same source. Kribi Deep Sea Port's main Port area will have a depth of 5 to 16m and is expected to take vessels with a capacity of 100,000 tonnes. Too Small for iron ore ships.

    A framework to Approach Shared Use of Mining Related Infrastructure. Rail and Port. November 2013.
    Vale Columbia Center. (Step 1) Understanding the players/interests.
    (Leading Mining Company). Maximize returns of its investment. Control design, and operation of fully integrated logistics corridor.
    Scope for shared investment/ use if does not interfere with own operations.
    Against multi purpose access.
    (Subsequent Mining Companies). Multi-user access. Third party operating the rail and port infrastructure.  Smaller mining companies may prefer a haulage regime. Large scale subsequent parties may want their own infrastructure solution.
    (Financiers). Prefer vertically integrated single user model.
    The more players involved, the higher the risk. Worst scenario with multi-purpose access with unallocated capacity at financial close.
    (Neighboring) Country Government. Multi-purpose access to infrastructure Transit fees.
    (Pre-Negotiations). Leading mining company can take open access into account in the decision making process and design phase.
    Late in Negotiations. Could harm the relationship between the Government and the leading mining company. Might delay the project if open access is requested at a late stage in negotiations.
    Post-Construction. Very difficult to impose open access, especially if infrastructure is operating at capacity.
    (As I have been saying all along).

    AML Annual Report 2007.
    Sierra Leone- Multi-user Agreement. Cape Lambert to fund 33% of the Infrastructure upgrade in return for 2Mtpa of capacity on the rail and port infrastructure.

    Road Development Plan.
    A. Trans-African Highway Network. Being developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, The African Development Bank (ADB) and the African Union in conjunction with regional international communities.
    The Total length of the nine highways constituting the network is 56,683 km. In some documents the highways are referred to as Trans-African Corridors or Road Corridors rather than highways.
    Relevant Plan. Lele-Mbalam-Front, Congo, 61km part of  Yaounde-Brazzaville Road.
    Sangmelima- Djoum 106km towards Mbalam.

    Railway Network Plan of Congo Connecting to ARU's Network.
    Line1: Build new Single Track Standard Gauge for the Brazzaville-Ouesso section (800km) This is the one I believe Posco are to build.

    Mbalmayo-Central African (Bangui) Railway Construction Plan.
    Plan underway is to construct a new standard-gauge (1435km) railway covering the 500km distance from Central Africa Republic's iron ore mining region to Cameroon's New Harbour..

    Inland Mines-Kribi (Lolabe) Railway Construction plan (490km)
    A railway construction plan is underway in accordance with the development of a New Harbour (by 2013), Companies from  the U.S.,China and Australia are currently participating.

    Mbalam Mines-Kribi (Lolabe) Railway Construction Plan.
    Railway construction to transport iron ore from Mbalam Mining regions to the New Harbour in Kribi.
    Another project is 10,000km long with 6,000km still to be built, passing through Gambia, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Senegal, Soudan, Uganda, Djibouti and the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.

    There is more to post, but will leave it there for now.

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