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    Date : 25 Aug 2003
    Source : Hardman Resources

    Jingemia-2 appraisal well commenced
    drilling (“spudded”) on 24 August 2003

    Hardman Resources Ltd is pleased to advise that the Jingemia-2 appraisal well commenced
    drilling (“spudded”) on 24 August 2003. The well is being drilled in the
    EP-413 onshore exploration permit located to the north of the Woodada Gas Field
    (75% owned by Hardman) and is approximately 300 kilometres north of Perth, Western
    Australia. Further details are:
    Progress: Current depth of 332 metres.
    Note: All reported depths are referenced to the rig drill floor.
    Well Location: Jingemia-2 appraisal well is being drilled from near the
    Jingemia-1 surface location as a deviated well and is planned to
    intersect the oil bearing reservoir at approximately 1 kilometre
    south east of the Jingemia-1 discovery well.
    Primary Target: Dongara Sandstones, oil bearing reservoir formation, at
    approximate drilled depth of 2,663 metres (2,414 metres
    vertical depth).
    The well is designed to intersect the edge of the Jingemia Oil Field and to assist in defining
    the oil/water contact of the field. It is anticipated the well will provide further confidence of
    the field reserves and is expected to be completed as either a second oil production well or as
    a water injection well to provide pressure support in the reservoir.
    A period of 15 days has been estimated for the completion of drilling operations at Jingemia-2
    to a planned total drilled depth of 2,725 metres.
    Participants: Origin Energy Developments Pty Limited 49.189%
    Hardman Resources Ltd 22.376%
    AWE (Perth Basin) Pty Ltd 15.245%
    Voyager Energy Limited 6.270%
    Ground Floor, 5 Ord Street, West Perth
    PO Box 869, West Perth
    Western Australia 6872
    Tel: +61 8 9321 6881 Fax: +61 8 9321 2375
    ABN 98 009 210 235
    (up to 06:00 hours 25/08/03)
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    Victoria Petroleum NL 5.000%
    Norwest Energy NL 1.278%
    Roc Oil (WA) Pty Limited 0.250%
    Arc Energy NL 0.250%
    John Kevin Geary 0.142%
    During drilling operations at Jingemia-2, Hardman Resources will issue weekly progress
    reports on Thursdays.
    Update on Leafcutter 1 Exploration Well
    The rigging up of the Logue Rig continues. It is anticipated that the Leafcutter-1 well will
    spud later this week.
    Participants: Hardman Resources Ltd (Operator) 75%
    Bounty Oil & Gas NL 25%

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