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For those interested in Novogen

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    Now this is very interesting indeed:

    GLEEVAC made by Novaris (NVS) treats Cronic Myeloid Leukemia. About 4500 people per annum get this cancer every year in the USA.

    It was approved for sale 13 months ago after receiving "accelerated approval" which only took 2 months! This was a record for a cancer drug.

    GLEEVAC has alot of side affects which include severe fluid retention, vomiting, muscle cramps, nausia, skin rash, diarrhea, heart burn and headaches.

    People have to take the drug forever.

    In the last 6 months GLEEVAC recorded USD 255m in sales (remember the drug is only on the market for about a year). Not sure what the profit breakdown is but I assume it to be massive.

    Now, we have Novogen supported by Yale university saying Phenoxodiol has no side affects, possibly cures all cancers, kills 100% of ovarian cancer cells, and is "technically superior to GLEEVAC" as it targets Sphingosine Kinase which controls all the growth receptors of cancer cells, not just one which is targeted by Gleevac.

    Current phase II trials in fact test Phenoxodiol after Gleevac has failed. Once this works (if it works) I'd expect Novogen to get fast tracked approval and the market cap to jump to Monster levels. With Gleevac getting sales if $1bn Aussie per year for a rare cancer I really cant guess what Novogen will get for a cure to all cancers.

    This could be a buy and retire stock. Only few months before we know either way. Anyone else excited?
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