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    Alot of opinions get written here and we see alot of facts and then we have 'facts'. One of these 'facts' are an argument presented by jakem or should I say e_j or what else is it?..... Anyway, we will inevitably hear about the Pierpont article that was written in late 2005.

    Pierpont is a fictional character and the author of Pierpont is now a director of a mining company. I must say that in the mid 1990s when Pierpont was at its peak that the author said he would never be a director of mining exploration company. Surprise, surprise, look at crj and their 'spectactular' drill program for Olympic Dam (thats a pump a dump in a big way).

    Anyway, below is a graphical representation of the '(in)famous' Pierpont article effect on GPN's sp. Well, judge for yourselves and see what pump and dump downrampers are playing. If anyone is playing you it is them.

    The proof is in the pudding!

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