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    Hi tagstash,

    I did switch accross to IG markets, but I only use them for stock outside the ASX100. For the ASX100 I still use D4F simply because there is no commission.

    Not that the commission is that big with IG, it is only 0.5% per transaction. For me its worth it, primarily for the ability to go long or short on the ASX200 usually with a 10% margin. Sometimes they allow you to trade a stock outside the ASX200 if there is enough liquidity.

    As for fiddling with the prices as D4F do, I haven't actually experienced that with IG yet, whether they do this I am not sure.

    The thing I do find a tad annoying about IG is that the trading software is web based, and generally not as fast as Deal for Free. This is particularly so when you are trying to track a lot of prices at once.

    As for interest rates, pretty much the same I think but would have to check. Guaranteed Stop Losses etc are there but haven't used these much yet.

    Definately worth it for me.


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