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for t4p and his pathetic knockers...

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    I will qualify this post by saying that over the net, you can never truly know someone's intentions. And this isn't about to be a cok smoking exercise.

    But for what it is worth, I think your posts are great. More to the point, I think your detractors posts are pathetic. How people can continually attack someone for posting on something from around 8c right up to 30c plus is beyond me. And same goes for some of your others. Hey, even if you get it wrong, what would be wrong with that? Plenty of others do on here! All you are doing is sharing your research, very generously. You are not forcing anyone to buy. If you are bullish on a stock due to your own detailed research, why wouldn't you post enthusiastically about it?

    Now I am not one to say something is for certain without actually knowing. But I am very very sure you are not the great manipulating con man these sore losers make you out to be. In fact I would be happy to sell all my CVI and place a bet on it if someone were offering odds! lol

    And guys, remember, EVEN IF HE IS A CON ARTIST YOU COULD HAVE MADE HUNDREDS OF % FROM FOLLOWING HIM AND THEN SELLING WHEN YOU WERE HAPPY YOU HAD MADE ENOUGH. So only greed could have cost you if you rode one or two in to the dirt. Too bad.

    Now I don't think he is a con artist. At all. It is actually a crazy thing that these people suggest. Far too much research has gone in to his posts, and far too much of it pans out. Who the hell could have known what would happen today? And for those that got on early, you are still in profit. I am still up 64%, from only 4 or 5 weeks ago. I have seen what happened today, and can CHOOSE to sell if I like. Nothing t4p has said today (he hardly said a thing) could influence that. It is my choice. If it crashes and burns, my bad. No one else's.

    I think today is a reminder that the speculative end of the market is just that - speculative! Nothing is a given. I think some people are investing for all the wrong reasons. Greed alone isn't enough. It is probably the reason you have blindly followed posts on an internet forum. Too lazy to properly research it, and just looking for a quick buck. I am investing because a) I love the thrill b) I work in a corporate research environment so find it a good developmental hobby and c) would love it if it could assist in making my life more comfortable down the track, namely by allowing me to travel frequently, drink lots, and shag my a$$ off without worrying about being tired for work in the morning! lol

    Anyone that buys based purely on what t4p or any other anonymous poster on the internet says is a MORON anyways. And if this is your tactic, at least suffer in silence if it back fires. IT WAS YOUR DECISION to invest (gamble). I have a feeling a lot of the sooks are a bit older then me, so feel silly saying this, but honestly, grow up.

    Trade4Profit, your posts are a fantastic read. If nothing else, you are an excellent writer! I have a feeling you could write a book on lots of things, not just trading. I don't understand everything you say regarding the markets, but that is fine. Maybe one day I will, maybe not.

    Many others on here seem good and helpful blokes too. Thank you for your informative posts. If I ever read anything of interest, I go and research it. The good posters provide links to the source of info anyways. As for those that come out with things I can't verify, I take your information very sceptically. Doesn't mean I don't hope it is true. E.g. Dobro and his 'great ann on wed' call. I notice today the 'Wednesday' part of his prediction changed to 'soon' or something along those lines. Interesting. But hey, if you were relying on an ann tomorrow based on Dobro, again, you are a MORON.

    To all the haters out there…. Get over it. There will always be someone to hate and blame. The sooner you realise it actually says more about your own state of mind, the sooner you can get on with loving your life.

    What ever happens with CVI, it doesn't change the fact I have possibly another 60 + years on this earth. I am sure I will encounter many highs and lows during that time, both financially and generally. No need to hate on people because of mistakes I have made myself. Does it matter if I make a real good thing of myself at the end of the day? Doesn't really matter, in the end. It is the game that matters. : )

    So I am sorry you have to put up with these people, t4p, and it would be a shame if those of us that appreciate your posts, and don't blame you if we get it wrong, didn't get to read your informative views any more.

    It is funny how many people are willing to sit back and knock another man for having a crack and being willing to put something out there knowing it will be judged. Until one of these detractors can post as informative a post as some of the others have, and then have that stock rise by hundreds of percent, I think they should just learn their place.

    Don't be lazy people. DYOR. Trade4Profit is just another poster sharing his opinions, all be it in a lot more sophisticated a way then most, and more often then not, with great foresight.


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