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    Canadian NG injections data:

    Canadian injections of NG last week was 4.1 BCF compared to the typical of 0.2 BCF. Storage is at 461.5 BCF compared to the typical of 471.6 BCF.

    Although the Canadian storage is about 10 BCF below its 5-yr ave, it has just surpassed the '02 level of 457.4 BCF for last week. In this same week last year there was a withdrawal of 1.6 BCF.



    An indication that NG injections continue to fill storage at high levels not only in the US, but Canada as well. Several months back the storage level in Canada was way down compared to previous years and many were worried that the lack of storage in Canada would severly restrict its exports to the US during the winter season. Now that Canadian storage has been filled to an acceptable level, the only worry is IF there is an extremely cold winter in Canada.

    Robry825 data also shows that over the past week the Canadian pipleline flows have somewhat stabilized.

    US NG Prediction Data

    Robry825's latest data indicates an injection of around 65 BCF with an adjustment of 37 BCF additional "error" to be added by the EIA.

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