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    Technically we are in the beginnings of a third of a third so I wouldn't expect it will linger much around here once the VIP resistance is put behind us viz the all term downtrend line from its all time high 187 adjusted to 167 on incredible charts ......

    Some of you may laugh but the realities are CLQ are at 200 mill market cap and wanted, so PGM on relativities alone should not be sitting at now one eight its market cap ..........

    The only thing still "missing" is a "technical face" that CLQ are perceived to have but hey, that can be addressed in an instant, especially as Sino "technical" entities begin to look at all sources of Scandium espesh in the exciting 3D printing area which opens up a Scandium-Aluminium alloy usage likely to be far beyond what either CLQ or PGM have signaled in their early studies for production size.

    Scandium is the next disruptive technology about to launch and there really are only two major primary players I can see inc PGM and a coupla little ones which will probably end up being assimilated.

    3D printing allows the Chinese to catch up quickly to their western counterparts in aerospace, and they would have a number of other applications they may be already be leading the race in.

    And that's for Scandium alone ...... but PGM also have a likely future primary producer of Platinum to share likely infrastructure costs at Owendale PLUS 40 million ozs of precious metals under melting ice still not taken into the equation, and that CLQ don't have.. Reckon we might see relative market cap positions reversed in due course as these other projects move into focus.

    Any serious believers in precious metals out there looking for the serious "optionality" and emerging plays should dig into the PGM archives and do your own research on past scoping studies etc outside our Scandium project which is already under increasing view.

    And for past Olympians in here looking for days of coming glory ahead, IMO PGM offers a more exciting trajectory over next 3 years than CMR did from its 18-23 base launch, hence I am calling a conservative 3 buck sum of parts target both on likely emerging fundamentals and technical targets, as I did back then with CMR, and thru the all time PGM high and beyond into the far reaches of the Outer Limits, Trekkies, as the precious metals boom leg wave five BEGINS to assert itself.

    And I will be playing it accordingly Jesse, and Troll of course.

    So let me be the first to call PGM's near term trajectory for mine as it launches thru the all time D/T line we are at now........ 14 ... 18 .... 25 .... 32 .... 42 .... 52 ...64 ........ this should be relatively soon cos after all, we are now about to confirm a travel wave launch ....... And then we base to prepare to leave Earths orbit.

    So far they are still looking for cheap entry so steady and orderly accumulation for now ....... once we get to 25c / 50 mill MC, that should accelerate as the small instos begin to bite

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