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for mr pizza man

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    What you have said is directors talk..BUT

    1/Think about this..Why?Would??even if your the richest person in the world put money into a company albeit at a discount to the market without the most entertaining presentation of the company and what they are up to and where they currently stand in recently announced trials.You wouldnt simple..they dont get rich by throwing it away.

    2/Would they announce any news to the market before MR RICH took up his shares?I dont think so

    3/Do you think with the run up this stock has had the past few months without any more news coming to the market it could hold up above 19 cents.I dont

    4/Would MR RICH be pissed if the price tumbled below 19.I think he would.

    5/Do you think before doing this deal with MR RICH he would of known what they have coming to the market to hold the price above 19 and beyond.I do.

    6/It is very hard with market conditions to raise capital,before going into a deal with a company such as int which has limited money on hand they would know the ins and outs of the company.

    So in saying all that,I think MR RICH knows this company is going to add to his riches,it is not a risk to him or he would not be investing.007
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