for mine, a really interesting suggestion.

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    I've just read the article at .

    Amongst other things, the author suggests " Countries such as South Africa, Canada, and Australia, should buy gold, silver and other commodities they produce to manage their currencies down. This policy is in their clear national interest because it will build up central bank reserves that will hold their value and give their miners jobs!"

    That appeals to me. The Oz gov goes (further) into debt, but only to buy gold (ideally only from Oz producers) to hold as reserves. How can Australia lose in doing (this irrespective of the machinations of fiat currency).

    Would welcome comments on this, and in particular would appreciate Grant's thoughts.


    (ps. why does the "ASX General" board attract all manner of posts that have nothing to do with the economy, markets etc. Is it because posters fear that many other members no longer bother to read the "General" board posts?

    Post today/tonites seem to really highlight this "in"consistency.)
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