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    Here is an extract of another article which may be of interest--

    Europe buys,
    Wood’s cells.

    Bali burns treatment set for export

    The Western Nurse

    A radical new treatment for burns patients - as featured in last October’s special ‘Bali bombing’ edition of The Western Nurse - may soon be exported by a Perth company to European hospitals, with predictions of multi-million dollar sales.
    It is estimated that each burns patient in Europe would be charged about AU$50,000 for the CellSpray treatment, about half the cost of skin grafts grown in a laboratory. The spray-on skin-cell technology was made famous by the head of RPH’s burns unit, plastic surgeon Fiona Wood, during the Herculean effort she and her nurses made to save dozens of burns patients who had been evacuated to Perth from the Bali bomb sites. The Perth bio-medical company, Clinical Cell Culture (C3), was founded by Fiona Wood in 1999 and is awaiting approval from health regulators in Europe to market CellSpray. She is currently the CMO and a director of C3.
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