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    Firstly Skippa if you read my past posts I have repeatedly said that I will be the first to congratulate LAF if they can get this project away -and it will impact favourably on present deals I am progressing in the Philippines -because we all have some real talking to do to counter the sovereign risk and mining law problems continually thrown at us in terms of the Philippines. So let's get one thing straight I have a real desire to see mining development proceed in the Philippines and for them to join countries in Africa and elsewhere in CHANGING their investment rules. But conversely I will contribute my two cents worth when I hear absolutely ill -informed and nonsensical statements being made on this forum by the likes of yourself and Heremes.

    Heremes you are obviously a young guy who has suddenly found junior explorers exploring and producing in international destinations an exciting game -and good luck to you - you are to be congratulated for taking risks in an area where few Australians dare venture. But Heremes you are now starting to lecture people who may have far more experience in terms of these countries -their mining laws and how all this is evolving and displaying your ignorance. You seem like a very eager new chum to me trying to impress everyone with your knowledge -and you are making a fool of yourself -so stop and learn and listen to wiser heads sometimes.
    It is pointless responding to your last missive to me in detail because you are going across a multitude of countries and jurisdictions -all changing -some retaining their investment and sovereign risk status -and some going from the top of the tree to outright pariah !!

    Your analogy about all these countries all fitting your idealistic march to enlightment and mine development is seriously flawed. It is not many years ago that Indonesia was rated as having some of the best mining laws in the world and having one of the most investor friendly business environments. I remember Ian Burston at a seminar urging us all to get stuck into it in Indonesia as they were doing with Aurora and his comments on what a great country it was to develop mines. Well I am certain Burston has changed his mind a little since!! The mining laws have not changed and are quite good -NOT as you erroneously state- but the entire political landscape has changed to such an extent no-one goes there anymore. So firstly you know nothing about mining laws and secondly your great march theory of developing nations and mining developments all moving forward ultimately is utter nonsense.

    The success of KCN in Thailand is well documented -but that only came about when Thailand put into place good mining laws and threw down the welcome mat to foreign investors. Have you really studied the transitional and foreign investment debate in that country -it is still all in a state of flux in a lot of areas but at least certain aspects like the mnining laws are well on the way to being as good as anywhere in the world. And likewise Laos. But to suggest after 100 years or more of Filipino resistance to changing their constitution and that they are on the verge of becoming another Tanzania or Ghana or Thailand -after a recent referendum on the issue which was soundly defeated -is flying in the face of realism and your optimism is nothing less than stupid -because it is unlikely there will be any further efforts at changing the constitution for many years. So there is NO way the Philippines will follow sensible countries down the path of introducing internationally accepted mining laws or a complementary investor friendly investment climate, probably in your lifetime. You are p*****g into the wind my friend along with Skippa.

    And finally to compare NCM with these other juniors and using that company as a yardstick is further nonsense. NCM found Gosowong when things were okay in RI -and despite the muslim/christian bloddletting turning those lovely islands into hell -they have sufficient firepower to employ the army and put in place other measures to proceed with development of the new discovery at Kencana. I was the only poster I can recall on here who has consistently told everyone NCM were a great buy from the $5.70 range or thereabouts based on the Gosowong south discovery -the icing on a very rich cake -but I may have missed your posts !!

    It only shows your ignorance to try and lump NCM and Indonesia into your seriously flawed argument about backing every junior who looks half smart in Asia or as I understand your appetite for juniors in any developing nation as they are all going to do a KCN or OXR. The reality is something different my friend and you really need to get your facts straight -about mining laws particularly- before taking me on in this debate.
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