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    Have a good day and evening this she will say, listen to acouch and you will get a pay.

    Hmmm use tight stops this i will grant,thats the master himself....his name is Rembrandt.

    Then there is the "R"ussian and Eddie who can`t take a trick,and would like nothing better then a cuppa with Rick.

    Stocko,oh yes stocko him and his K-C-G,it will happen one wait and see.

    Now if your a gambler and you don`t want to go down,then have a bet with the man that they call the Klown.

    Yak his a good bloke who likes to play games,who logs into hc with multiply names.

    Ardent Snooker and Oh Boy they post round the clock,but come on boys how about one on a stock.

    Jolly and his parrot oh what a sight,don`t worry Jolly soon you`ll get one right.

    If you have never followed Alpha`s tips,i say give it a whirl..but i must warn you his a big girl.

    If you have a question to ask then don`t puff and pant,ask a bloke that we know by Grant.

    Now theres a bloke that asks questions about every single stock,his a legend that we just call Doc.

    Theres so many nice people on this forum that i`ve have forgot,but i like you all the same,this i kid you not.

    But to PAT can i say lets bring back the stallion,the one they call Viva the bloody good italian.
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