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For Georgenow

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    G'day George,

    I'm doin' good.

    Interesting chart interpretation that you have

    My reading is that the medium term downtrend since the end of May has now been broken and we have now resumed the long term uptrend. That bottom trend line on my chart can be traced way way back.

    I also read the low volumes differently than you. I believe that most of the stock has now drifted into the hands of the believers. These are not people that sell out on the normal daily/weekly fluctuations. I very much doubt that there are very many traders on the register at all. All the holders are holding.

    The CDC report will be published any time in the next few weeks and will be immediately followed by confirmation of contracts signed in the US. When that happens the stock will move very hard and fast simply because there is no trading stock out there. In short, I beleive that the low volumes is a plus.

    Of course, for you, it would be very hard to trade the stock at the moment when 100k is a "big" day.

    The AGM is on 23rd September.

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