for anyone interested - hc's data downloads

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    For the last 4 years I've been getting my daily data downloads through Almax. They were helpful, good and looked after all name changes, splits, deletions etc.

    They also charged $27.50/month and data wasn't available (at that rate) until 11.30pm each day. This didn't change when the ASX started issuing delayed data for free (I couldn't reason that one through).

    Anyway, with HC data download I pay $99/year - not $320, and get the data at/after 4.30pm - not 11.30pm.

    Splits/renamings/deletions I can cope with (albeit slowly 'cause I'm an old dog).

    Initially, downloading was a BIG problem, 'cause HC give you absolutely no help at all.

    However, there are some very helpful people posting on HC - in my case Forestgump and Arthur. With their help and the Ezychart manual (Ezy is my preferred programme although I also run Metastock) dowloading has become a simple thing.

    So, I guess in essence I'm suggesting that the HC data download is a fair buy .... once you can work out how to use it.

    JFWIW - eh.

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