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Geez you guys are really trying to give me a run for my money...

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    Geez you guys are really trying to give me a run for my money but I will not be backing down and the moderations and suspensions will continue for as long as necessary. But perhaps it will help if I try to share some of the bigger picture. PLS is not the first HC darling stock to have its share of true believers that have ganged up and savaged any dissenters. In fact this is just another stereotypical situation we have seen many many times. Yes yes, I hear what you say...PLS is different to all the others. Problem is they are ALL different....just ask the other true believers on ALL the other sure things. However usually it ends in tears and hardly anyone comes back to apologize to the much maligned contrarians. If it isn't water issues, which they may well overcome, then there could be one of dozens of other issues that will kill the project or at least cause it to dilute so badly that by the time it is mining much of the shareholder value is lost. How do I know this?? Because this is mining, that's how. Nevertheless I accept that nothing is ever achieved and riches are not obtained unless you have a red hot go in life so more power to you holders for hanging in there.....but to be blind to the possible pitfalls on ANY aspiring miner is to be a lamb to the slaughter.

    There are many past examples I could draw from where the interaction between believers, non believers and mods has been EXACTLY as it has been here these past two days. For the purposes of a case study in group psychology lets draw on the TON experience.

    Here is a link to a post I made on the TON forum on 14/11/2014. Note the price of TON at the time was 29.5c. Note that in the post I address all the same issues I have addressed here regarding posting protocol. This post was made because the whole forum was an out of control bully fest.

    It didn't stop "the tribe" though. They thought it was their god ordained right to ignore the mods and continue the bully attacks. They felt free to back chat mods at will. Like here many moderations and suspensions followed.

    Now let's fast forward to 3/3/2016. After nearly 17 months of mods doing battle with "the tribe" TON is 6.5c and this is the day it goes into administration. Note the very sobering thread heading "Dead man walking". This was started by one of the believers who was right up there when it came to the constant badgering of non-believers. And after nearly 17 months of hard ass tactics by me and other mods note the change in tone in my two posts below. I went from head kicker to sympathizer and grief counselor. That day we were very concerned for the mental and physical well being of some of our members who finally "got it" and who had come down to earth with an almighty thud.

    The spec end of the stock market is no joke. People get hurt. We have seen and heard of some very sad and tragic cases over the years. Being blind to the possible pitfalls and trying to shut down inconvenient truths just because they make you uncomfortable is the greatest disservice that you can do for your financial well being. But you have to have a go. I get that. I have my own stocks were I am having a go. But I will never allow myself to fall into blinded love with any of them. If a naysayer makes a point and I think it has merit then I thank him for saving my backside. If I think he doesn't then I thank him for making me revisit all the reasons I invested and for helping me to vocalize on the forum why I believe what I do.

    HC is about and has always been about balanced discussion. It is not a club for fan boys and girls. It will continue to operate in that way and bullying will not be tolerated. I hope PLS does go well for you. From the little I know of it there seems to be a lot going in its favour.

    I know the recently departed Jaded (God rest his soul) is probably looking down and nodding furiously. He was the "mustpow" of the TON forum. He coped a bollocking for a couple of years by the believers but he never backed down. In the end he got to see that he was vindicated. He passed away shortly afterwards.
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