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    The big monday eve (our time) Gold rush may not happen but according to 'our Jim' a spike in the gold price is as close now than at any time in the recent past. Maybe an opportunity to get set mon. I notice a few ASX gold shares with a little buyer interest lately.

    To name a few - MDS HNR GLN AND MML HIG BMO & even LHG a touch firmer.

    Thursday, September 23, 2004, 11:13:00 AM EST

    Is This The Geek’s Last Stand?

    Author: Jim Sinclair

    The Facts:

    1/ The option writing geeks make the God of Greed look like a kindergarten student in the School of Greed.

    2/ They always shoot without covering their written calls at some rational profit but rather by taking out the hated Gold Bugs at $0.10.

    3/ At 11 AM this morning the refreshed open interest will be published. Check for the open interest which translates to the short interest on written gold call option maturity this Monday for October strike on the $400, $410, $420, and $430 posted for your review with comment no later than noon today.

    This could well be the first time that the option writing COT Comex Geeks face a squeeze to kill.

    This is a game only for the pros who might just take delivery of any call maturity on the close of Monday that is at the money but not necessarily in the money.

    Such action would cause the gold market to vault because the geeks never cover. They always want all your money so maybe this time they will not only get none of it but pay you for the pleasure of their demise.

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