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    Many thanks for your comments on gold stocks and your investing principles. I think your approach is sensible and no doubt profitable. I was interested to hear that you only had OXR at the moment. Would the same reasoning behind that investment not also apply to Bendigo Gold? I have been watching both since they were below 15 cents and they just seem to get stronger and stronger as the production dates draw closer. I was thinking of buying into BDG on strength of their 12 million ozs, Harmony Gold's support and the excitement factor (Bendigo's history etc) that could ignite the stock once it goes into production. The downside is the large number of shares on issue. Doesn't seem to worry the market tho. On OXR, I lived in Laos for three years during the 80's and have been back a couple of times since. Its a bloody difficult environment to put a mine together, physically and politically, so have been a bit wary of buying in. Have to say though that OXR appears to have done every thing right so far. My portfolio is mostly oilers apart from GBG but am looking to add another gold stock to the portfolio when (if!) Huinga delivers. Should be some news tomorrow on that front. JBC (jocam9)
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Currently unlisted public company.

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