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    A family of Collingwood supporters head out one Saturday morning to do their Christmas shoplifting. While in Rebel Sports the son picks up a Eagles footy jumper and says to his 10 year old sister "Hey mole, I've decided to become a Eagles supporter and I want this for Christmas."

    His sister, outraged by this, promptly wacks him around the head with her carton of Winfield's and says, "Sh*t head, go talk to mum."

    Off goes the little lad with the Eagles jumper stuffed up his miller shirt and finds his mum. "Mum?"

    "Yes, son."

    "I've decided I'm going to be an Eagles supporter and I want this jumper for Christmas." The mother is outraged at this and throws her
    moccasins and a full stubbie of VB at him, smacks him in the gob and says "let's go talk to your father". Off they go to the prison camp during visiting hours, with footy jumper in hand, and find Moose, his toothless tattooed father.


    "Yes, knackers."

    "I've decided I'm going to be a Eagles supporter and I want this jumper for Christmas."

    Moose goes berserk and gives his son an almighty backhander and says, "No son of mine is ever going to be seen wearing that sh*t", and then kicks his ar*e from one end of the rec-room to the other, just for good measure.

    About half an hour later they're all back in the old Torana and heading towards home. The mother turns to her son and says,
    "Knackers, have you learned something today?"

    The son says "Shore, I bloody well have ! "

    "Good knackers, what is it?"

    The son replies, "I've only been a Eagles supporter for an hour, and already I hate you Collingwood pr*cks."

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