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    "After the game one of the rising stars of the future Chris Judd decided that after a flogging like that it made him realise that winning or losing he wants to be part of the eagles future and signed up for another 2 years for far less money than he would have got on the open market by returning to Victoria."

    The only reason why he signed up with West Coast again is because he wants a Premiership...that won't happen with any Victorian clubs in the near future. Judd will leave West Coast after his new contract ends as he will be worth alot more then than he would get now. He's a smart fellow Juddy.

    "Did you notice this the other night about the teams that played each other

    Number of players in the team 26 or older ( 22 players )
    Port 11
    Eagles 3

    Number of players 22 or younger ( 22 players )
    Port 4
    Eagles 10

    Port need to win a flag within 2 years with the current team or start blooding younger players now."

    I didn't notice but now that you have brought it to my attention.......we were the same several years back, ie. the youngest team in the AFL. We had a great group of youngsters but it meant squat when it came to the finals, and you know why...we got flogged. We virtually have the same group that have matured and have had finals experience (all be it losing ones) so that has put us in good stead. The boys are hungry, they want success, they have learnt from previous years, we will [email protected] go all the way this year....I hope...lol

    The problem with the young players at West Coast is that they are having a good year this season....what happens if West Coast struggle next year....how will these youngsters perform.....look at the eratic St.Kilda.

    Anyway seller, I hope you dudes do well this year, you've got an exciting team.

    Don't get me wrong, I like West Coast....it's just Collingwood that I can't stand...lol
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