Footy Show Fight Night

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    I'm watching the 'main event' of the Footy Show Fight Night on GEM now. I never thought I'd say this but the only guy I want to get knocked out and get brain-damaged* is this atrocious excuse for a referee.

    Four fights in, and he's messed up on every single one. Doesn't break fighters up properly ("let him go!" "let him go!"), allows certain boxers to hit on the break, threatens to "disqualify" fighter for "headbutt" when there clearly has been none etc. This guy surpasses even the moron that is Joe Cortez.

    The timekeeper at the event should be sacked too.

    And once again, the glorious Dib family doesn't fail to disappoint: yet another dubious victory.

    SBW, while being close to the perfect specimen of an athletic body, doesn't seem to have what it takes to be a pro boxer.

    Alright, that's the whingeing done. Good points:

    - Boxing on free to air TV. This can only be a good thing (for fans of the Sweet Science)

    - Sonny Bill, who will never be mistaken for a Joe Louis or a Larry Holmes, has improved markedly from the first time I saw him in the ring: moves much better (footwork), throws straighter punches, more and better combinations, also keeps his head off-line better. Mebbe Mundine, in his corner, did really help him out....

    - ...I was more thoroughly impressed by Mundine's other charge, Liam Messam. I've never seen the dude before (Kiwi football player). For a debut fight, I would have been very happy to have paid the ticket price for this boxer: he counter-punches very effectively, throws some nice combinations (they flow), and he sits down on his punches. Doesn't just head-hunt, the guy really digs into the body.

    * if only to save future boxers from getting injuries or worse, from his pathetic officiating.
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