foolguy - what's your real agenda...??

  1. Yak
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    For the record....and as everyone knows...I am Jewish so whereas I "may" be a bit biased..... least this "bias" stems from my belonging to a group that - rightly or wrongly - has copped its fair share over the years.

    That explains why I do post what I do.

    What really puzzles me is what is your real reason for being here and posting?

    You're not a Palestinian - or so you say.

    You'd have us believe you're not a Muslim - but that is doubtful.

    You also have us believe you live here in Australia but clearly with strong links to Indonesia.

    So......what's this "pre-occupation" with Israel, Zionism and the whole Jewish issue???

    Is it based upon some sort of atruistic motive?

    You sit here on H/C - often thru all the hours of a day and night......

    ....with nary an interets in stocks..... simply to paste and post on topics that are almost invariably anti-Israel or US.

    So, given the above queries.... do a Pauline Hanson and do a "please explain".
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