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food for thought

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    these are my thoughts that i said the other day


    ok, this is my thought, ok, i think that they have heard its going to be a good result, now findlays bought 11 million, but this annoucement of the director selling his shares is a ploy to make traders dump their stock first thing in the morning, hoping they will drop it down as much as possible, then whoever is involved in this will buy back in that day, to buy at a very cheap price, because they know its going to be a good announcement, personally i think theres going to be an announcement tomorrow, all these insiders are going to fuking buy big, i mean tons of shares,now they may of only learnt of the results late this afternoon, we dont know, but i personally think theyve been sitting around in the office since, trying to work out how to get the price down in the morning, and this was it, he only sold 3 million shares, use your head people, he didnt flog the lot off, look this bloke hasnt bought shares for a while in this up and down maqdness in the past couple of weeks , so why did he sell these, i just told u, i ve been thinking about this for a while this evening and i reckon im pretty spot on, this is definitely a ploy for dt,ers to dump in the morning,so they can buy back in, u havnt seen any of the other directors selling have u, look these blokes know whats been happening, all us traders checking for announcements every minute, they ploy to announce at 8:30 so everyone can see it and panic, i see right through this, i am 100 percent sure theres going to be some good or great news, somethings leaked today, we seen it climb back up ,and now this, what a load of shit, im pretty certain theres gonna be an announcement sometime tomorrow, these people are not silly they have seen this stock rise up and down big percentages recently and we havnt even had an announcement, there trying to slam this stock on opening , put yourself in there shoes, when they have the info and they can try to manipulate the market to suit, honestly , i know id do the same thing, were not here to make friends , were here for money, simple as that,
    any thoughts people
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