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Yes I think there is more to it. They can buy everyone out but...

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    Yes I think there is more to it. They can buy everyone out but would have to offer a fair deal and there is no existing JORC as there is insufficient drilling done. I once did a rough calculation on Swit Kai but cant remember what I got but I bought more shares afterwards. here are some of those early results and from what I remember we are up to a 1500m strike length open at both ends.

    Previous announcements included.

    Swit Kai East Creek Drilling and Bulago Exploration Update 10th May 2016
    Three HQ TT diamond core holes (37.4m total) were completed targeting our jackhammer channel sampled intercept of 2.0m grading 195.0 g/t gold + 39.1 g/t silver + 0.16% copper + 1.69% zinc + 0.98% lead + 2.24% arsenic (202.0 g/t gold gravimetric re-analysis), in ~75o SSW dipping zone.Native gold was discovered in hole EZU002 at 1.15m and at 3.00m downhole

    11th June 2014

    UZ - East Creek east bank with 2.0m grading 18.9 g/t gold (the only sample collected on the east bank)
    UZ - East Creek west bank with 2.0m grading 195.0 g/t gold, within 8m grading 50.2 g/t gold (Figure 5)
    UZ -T3 with 2.0m grading 27.8 g/t gold, plus 5.5m of 3.07 g/t gold
    UZ -T4 with 8.0m grading 36.1 g/t gold, plus 4m of 6.98 g/t gold
    UZ -T1 with 2.0m grading 252.3 g/t gold, plus 1.5m grading 145.3 g/t gold, plus 5m grading 172.3 g/t gold, plus 14.0m grading 24.3 g/t gold
    UZ - T2 with 1m grading 83.6 g/t gold, within 14m grading 24.3 g/t gold
    UZ - T5 with 1m grading 108.5 g/t gold, within 11m grading 31.2 g/t gold
    UZ - T5b with 2m grading 25.2 g/t gold, within 7m grading 11.5 g/t gold
    UZ -T6 with 1m grading 128.0 g/t gold, within 13m grading 11.9 g/t gold and
    UZ - West Creek with a grab rock of 7.98 g/t gold, within 9m grading 0.97 g/t gold (gold grades are expected to improve as the intrusive contact is approached, as it was entirely within siltstone

    The Lower Zone assay results included peaks of 0.4m grading 293.5 g/t gold and 0.3m grading 197.0 g/t gold (~30m apart on the same structure and neither location was sampled above or below them at those locations), plus 11 samples with >25 g/t gold and 13 additional assays > 1.0 g/t gold (see Tables 1 and 2). The host sedimentary rocks and intrusives were normally below detection (where not mineralised, brecciated/altered).Very high grade gold results from the Upper Zone - Swit Kia were reported to the ASX on 11/6/14, with 13 samples >100 g/t gold. The Upper Zone is located about 70m north of the Lower Zone and about 50m vertically higher in RL. The Lower Zone was not sampled as systematically as the Upper Zone due to the original exploration program planning and subsequent time constraints in the field.Significant jackhammer sample length weighted assay highlights (most approximate true widths) in successive trenches over a 180m strike length of the Lower Zone from east to west) include:

    East Creek Extension - 1.0m grading 79.35 g/t gold, within 3m grading 45.17 g/t gold (J303-305)
    East O/C - East - 0.3m grading 37.05 g/t gold, within 2.8m grading 4.98 g/t gold (OG-005)E
    ast O/C -Middle - 0.3m grading 50.0 g/t gold (* No other samples at this location to evaluate thickness) (OG-006).
    East O/C West - 0.4m grading 293.5 g/t gold* (J416)
    Main O/C East - 1.3m grading 43.44 g/t gold* (J401-402)
    Main O/C East - 0.3m grading 197.0 g/t gold* (J400)
    Main O/C East - 2.0m grading 35.70 g/t gold) (J423-424)
    Main O/C Central - 2.0m grading 41.45 g/t gold* (J404)
    Main O/C Across - 2.0m grading 10.45 g/t gold (J391-392)
    Main O/C Central - 3m grading 13.75 g/t gold (J382-384)
    Main O/C West - 0.3m grading 63.9 g/t gold, within 1.3m grading 18.65 g/t gold (J375-376)
    West of Main O/C - 1.3m grading 27.0 g/t gold (hole SUG002, 12-13.3m, at base of colluvium and base of LZ)
    West Creek Extension - 2.0m grading 4.92 g/t gold (J407 proximal to 1.0m sub-vertical at 0.91 g/t gold (J408), but with 26 g/t silver and + 2.0% zinc /lead + arsenic. The western extension of the LZ requires additional cleaning downstream to get to a lower RL to sample where the higher grade mineralisation is projected/ expected to be located.

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