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Another example of great communication of a company to/from its...

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    Another example of great communication of a company to/from its shareholders is 88E.

    88E is going through a tough time (SP wise) at the moment but it's CEO has no problem whatsoever to engage in courteous, prompt and relative current information.

    We should correctly expect the same from the FMS BoDs or it’s spokesperson but they have apparently chosen to treat us as if we don't exist or possibly don't matter whatsoever.

    "Just give those nuisance little shareholders the minimum legal basic information and nothing more. That’s an order. Got it". “Yes Sir”.

    It's doesn't matter if we own stock in OUR company. I for one am really becoming p!$$ed off with this mob but hell aren’t we all?

    I really do not know how we can change OUR BoD’s childish treatment of us. They are like the big school bully and it’s about time the Principal (ASX or whoever) brought them into the office for severe discipline.

    I realize this is business and business can be extremely harsh at times but this kind of rubbish treatment of minority SHs has been occurring for far too long and has to stop. Now.

    It could be so much better and to everybody’s benefit.

    I appeal to our BoD especially the independents to remember this:

    Greed is not good and only fairness should prevail. That is what the majority of Australians believe. Where is your Anzac spirit Mr Todd?
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