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    Nb and Supercat, great post.
    If I can fill in the gaps.
    OCJ started buying at 7c after an FMS presentation in China.
    He didn’t buy into a spec Co. hoping it might find I/O but rather one that was ready for development. ($turover)
    Apparently OCJ had invested in I/O before and came out ahead several time and broke even once. So, he knows the system.
    Tio knows OCJ has 20% and OCJ knows what 20% can do. 6% from others and there is somewhat of a stale mate.
    OCJ has invested 19-20m. Someone that has that type of money in China is either connected or can be. That is, he knows banks Polies etc and also those who are facilitating finance and infrastructure to BBIG.
    RTA and mates made a presentation to with $ estimates . The got the O’K.
    OA agreement didn’t go through so they have to cope.
    That brings us up to the precent.
    BBIG/Tio/Todd I feel have to secure the balance of FMS shares particularly with Gina, Twiggy , Min & anyone else on the market.
    To get finace for BBiG/FMS PIOP and then change deposits is not an option. BBIG is taking $5bn.
    They better know what they are doing. Particularly with China who have no problems executing projects.
    Changing the rail bill in parliament is a joke, as well as all the other agreements.
    So gents, hold tight, buy and don’t sell cheap because it’s a great deposit. The $ margins are there for a big once off investment for T.
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