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Thanks nb. Got me thinking. If it is close to deal time, then...

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    Thanks nb. Got me thinking. If it is close to deal time, then from the recent presentations it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to see Todd having a 50-50 equity partnership in BBIG with someone. (guessing Chinese investor possibly Shandong). Now that has got to work in FMS minor SHs favour.
    Todd would then have a larger share in FMS ( >55%) than BBIG.

    So when it comes to profit distribution, Todd will not disadvantage any FMS future transshipment agreement / royalty etc because it would not be in their interest to do so. It may even be to their advantage to push for greater profit through FMS than BBIG ! Now wouldn't that be something.

    And if it is a given that Todd can not takeover FMS without some major deal/agreement/buy out of OCJ, then maybe Todd has accepted that they need to just get on with it - minor shareholders included. And if minor shareholders make a whopping big profit as well ... goodonya. It is that realisation that Todd can not have it all.

    Whatever, I may be completely off track with my musings, however one thing there is no doubt about ... a deal needs to be done. And time is of the essence. Tick tock ladies and gentlemen. Get the lead out, make the deal, let us know.

    And OCJ ... i have no idea if you read this site, but thank you for your patience, your resilience and your business acumen. You certainly have set a fine example of how to have strength in silence.

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