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    Random drug tests for Aussie tourists in Bali
    By Mark Forbes, Jakarta
    August 28, 2005
    The Sun-Herald

    Australian tourists visiting Bali's nightspots will face random urine tests under an escalating anti-drugs crackdown on the Indonesian holiday island.

    Bali police drug squad chief Bambang Sugiarto told The Sun-Herald he would adopt the hardline tactic, controversially trialled in recent raids on Jakarta clubs, to stamp out the drug trade.

    "We tried to use educative and preventive efforts," he said. "So, after doing that, and the people still use drugs, since we have laws to uphold then we have to take action like launching raids, arrests."

    His men would now force clubbers to undergo urine tests, Colonel Sugiarto said. "We cannot go to every party but we go in at random and based on priorities."

    Previously, only patrons apprehended carrying drugs were forced to provide urine samples.

    Sydney model Michelle Leslie, 24, faces up to 15 years in jail after being caught with two ecstasy tablets in her bag as she entered a party at Kuta's GWK Park last weekend.

    After visiting her in prison yesterday, her new lawyer, Basuki Prawirodipuro, was confident but had not studied the case in detail.

    AdvertisementHe is one of a team of five Indonesian lawyers who specialise in drug cases. He was hired by Leslie's family following Friday's sacking or resignation of her former lawyer, Muhammad Rifan.

    At the Denpasar police cells, where Leslie is still being questioned, a friend yesterday said she was in good spirits.

    Leslie would be fully prosecuted, Colonel Sugiarto said. "It is again a lesson for our tourists . . . she regrets it, but it is too late, it happened already."

    Australia's ambassador to Indonesia, David Ritchie refused to comment on the urine test plans, but emphasised that no Australian should take drugs in Indonesia.

    Although Australians were not being specifically targeted, they risked being arrested and could face the death penalty for the possession of small amounts of recreational drugs, he said.

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