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Great research work as always @nequalsone!After the Q2 business...

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    Great research work as always @nequalsone!

    After the Q2 business update, I thought it was likely that Hunan and Zhejiang would be the locations of the provincial MABR assembly plants (Liaoning was unexpected!). I had seen an article on the 11th of June about the Hunan provincial research party visiting the Xielingang MABR plant. Once the leaders of the Hunan Provincial Government, Housing and Construction Bureau and Municipal Finance Bureau get together at a site, you know that some big money is going to start flowing. The testing and endorsement by the Yiyang City Government of MABR would play a big part of wider adoption across Hunan Province. The partnership with Hunan Kaitian cannot be underestimated, as they are a state owned Fortune Global 500 company and are on the boards on many of the main environmental reform policy groups in China.

    Nice to see confirmation that this relationship is continuing to progress and that we may see an assembly factory in Yiyang City by 2020.

    I love trying to fill in the pieces of the puzzle, so here is my summary of the story of Fluence in Hunan with Hunan Kaitian and the Yiyang City Government so far.

    Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. China Aerospace Science and Technology is a state-owned large-scale high-tech enterprise directly under the central government. It is a Fortune 500 company with several national key laboratories, technology innovation centers and results incubation centers. Focusing on the development concept of “big defense and big security”, China Aerospace Science and Technology actively responds to the call of the country's green development and enters the environmental protection industry, making Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection a leading company in the industry. Fortune Global 500 2019 Rank is 322 (For comparison, Rio Tinto is 303, Commonwealth Bank is 373, ANZ is 457. Veolia is 407).

    Hunan Province has a population of approximately 67.4 million.
    Yiyang City has a population of approximately 4.3 million.

    1st June 2018
    Last year, Yiyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Bohai went to the Israeli Embassy in China to meet with Israel’s new ambassador to China, He Zewei. The two sides conducted in-depth explorations on strengthening exchanges and cooperation between Yiyang and Israel. Yiyang City also applied to the National Development and Reform Commission for inclusion in the "China-Israel Cooperation Model City" and received great attention and strong support.  

    In addition, Yiyang City also organized 7 companies to participate in the third China-Israel Science and Technology Innovation Investment Conference, deepening the understanding of Israel's innovation and technology fields, clarifying the investment direction and enhancing investment confidence. At present, the $20 million medical equipment government loan cooperation project of Yiyang Central Hospital in Yiyang City and Israel, and the sewage treatment project in cooperation with Fluence have been implemented.  

    Ou Chunfang said that in the future, Yiyang City will further strengthen cooperation with Israel to build Hunan Yiyang Science and Technology Innovation Incubation Park as the main force for cooperation between Hunan and Israel, and strive to establish Hunan's cooperation headquarters in Yiyang. At the same time as its own park, it is committed to further making tangible contributions to China-Israel friendship. During the first "Xiangyi Science and Technology Innovation Economic and Trade Matchmaking Conference", Yiyang special event was organized to promote the integration of Israel's advanced technology and industry Yiyang, and comprehensively promote Yiyang's open-type catch-up development.

    1st June 2018
    Fluence Awarded Aspiral™Wastewater Project in Yiyang City,China
    -First Fluence MABR Plant in Hunan Province
    -Fluence’s first project with partner Hunan AeroSpace Kaitian Environmental Technology Company Ltd.
    -Smart-packaged Aspiral™L4 unit provides increased reliability, efficiency

    (asx:FLC) announced today that it has secured a contract from the Yiyang City government for the deployment of an Aspiral™ L4 smart-packaged MABR-based solution (formerly known as C-MABR) for use in a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The plant will be located in Xielingang Township, Yiyang City, Hunan province, China.

    This is the first contract won through Fluence’s new local partner Kaitian Environmental Technology Company Ltd. Kaitian Environmental Technology Company is based in Hunan Province and its parent company is Hunan AeroSpace Company Limited, a state-owned company. Fluence’s Aspiral™ L4 unit will treat 200 m [3] /d (50,000 GPD) and is scheduled to be commissioned as soon as July 2018. It is expected that this project will allow Fluence to leverage further opportunities through this partner in this region.

    Commenting on another Aspiral™ award in China, Fluence Managing Director & CEO Henry Charrabé said: “I’m pleased to see yet another partner in Kaitian and the Yiyang City Government put their trust in Fluence and our Aspiral™ solutions. We continue to progress on our growth strategy in China with this sale of an Aspiral™ L4 in a new province and with a new partner. Considering the previous sale announced last month, it’s clear we are building momentum toward our goal of capturing a sizeable portion of the rural wastewater treatment opportunity in China. Together with our partners, we are focused on making Aspiral™ the standard for reliably achieving efficient Class 1A discharge.”

    Commenting on its new partnership with Fluence, Kaitian Environmental Technology Company Executive Vice President, Mr Lan Bing Nan, noted: “Kaitian Environmental Technology Company Ltd. and Fluence have been working closely on the Yiyang City, Xielingang Township project of 200 m [3] /day, and we are confidently anticipating a successful implementation and continued future partnership.”


    June 2018
    This is a story of intelligence, technique, and talent. This is also a story of industrial improvement and mutual benefit. Under the framework of the “Belt and Road”, Israel is becoming a breakthrough for Hunan's industry to connect with the world's advanced technology. “Leading Technology, the future has come”, the first Xiangyi Science and Technology Innovation Economic and Trade Matchmaking Conference was held in Changsha and Yiyang from June 5th to 7th, with 93 Israeli companies and 471 Chinese companies attending the conference. The full exchange and docking between Hunan and Israel has given birth to new opportunities and new business opportunities.

    After several communications, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental and Israel's Fluence Company finally decided to implement a sewage treatment pilot project in Yiyang City. “Israel has leading technology in environmental protection technology, which can bring more and better solutions for our toilet revolution and beautiful rural construction,” said Song Weiwu, chairman of Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection.

    On the morning of June 7, Israeli business representatives went to Yiyang to participate in special events, and the China-Israel (Yiyang) Science and Technology Industrial Park was formally established. The industrial park plans to use 1400 mu of land, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with Israel in the fields of biomedicine, electronic information, modern agriculture, clean technology, and medical health.

    "Israel is an important node country of the "Belt and Road" and is becoming a breakthrough point for Hunan to connect with the world's advanced science and technology."

    Xu Xiangping, director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said that the high-end technology of Europe and the United States has been blocked for China, and it has been blocked in the "Belt and Road" In the background, for Hunan and even China, Israel is an important breakthrough in docking the world's advanced science and technology.

    In Israel, a large number of cutting-edge technologies and achievements stay in university laboratories, so they are eager to invest in the Chinese market. Hunan, which is implementing innovation and leading the strategy of opening up, has a complete industry and a huge market. It has an urgent need for technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading. The complementarity between technology and market has enabled the two sides to have a huge space for cooperation and win-win in the field of technological innovation.

    “Innovation and opening up are the two rounds of the development of Hunan and the two wings of the bird.” Li Xinqiu, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said that the Xiangyi Science and Technology Innovation Economic and Trade Matchmaking Meeting will become an important part of promoting the integration of Israel’s advanced technology with the advantageous industries of our province. The platform, the cooperation between Hunan and Israel has just started, and the second and third Hunan-Israel Economic and Trade Matchmaking Conference will continue to be held in the future.

    12th June 2018
    Fluence Secures Additional Aspiral™ Projects in China
    - Tripartite Framework Agreement signed with Yiyang City Government and Hunan Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Group
    - Two additional smart-packaged Aspiral™ units contracted
    - AspiralTM units to be deployed in three districts in Yiyang City

    (ASX: FLC) is pleased to announce that it has executed a tripartite framework agreement with the Yiyang City Government and local partner Hunan Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Company Ltd., a subsidiary of Hunan Aerospace (‘Kaitian’) for the deployment of three Aspiral™ smart-packaged MABR-based units (formerly known as C-MABR).

    Commenting on this latest milestone for Fluence, Managing Director & CEO Henry Charrabé said: “Securing this agreement so quickly after the sale of the first Aspiral™ unit with Kaitian in this province reinforces our China partner strategy. Obtaining the potential endorsement from the Yiyang City Government would be the next key milestone for our growth in China, opening the door for other provincial governments to adopt AspiralTM as the standard for rural wastewater treatment.”

    The AspiralTM units so far contracted under the tripartite framework agreement will be deployed across three districts in Yiyang City, the first of which is undergoing installation and will be operational in Xielingang Township, New High Tech District, by the end of July. Aspiral™ units were chosen for their reliable achievement of efficient Class 1A discharge, as well as their low energy, maintenance and space requirements. Following successful deployment of the three sites, Fluence’s Aspiral™ solution could be endorsed by the Yiyang City Government to help meet its future planning requirements in order to comply by 2020 with the Chinese Government’s 13th five-year plan.

    Yiyang city Deputy Mayor, Mr. Anbang Hu commented: “We are very pleased with the co-operation between our government, Fluence Corporation and Kaitian. We are looking forward to the success of this project implementation, and also the further study, co-operation and contribution to Chinese rural wastewater treatment from our agreement.”

    China Areospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman, Mr. Weiwu Song, said: “We value the trilateral co-operation among Yiyang Government, Fluence Corporation and Kaitian. The success of the signing today is an excellent start to a blueprint of beautiful Chinese rural construction. It is no doubt that wastewater treatment is a key direction in which we can accomplish a lot. We shall take this opportunity to look forward to more, deeper and wider co-operation together with the government of Yiyang and Fluence in the future.”

    13th December 2018
    Fluence adds another Aspiral™ project in Hunan Province China
    Successful operation of pilot plant leads to expansion in Hunan Province Additional contract with partner Kaitian Environmental
    Further endorsement of Aspiral™ MABR-based solution by local government

    Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC) is pleased to announce that it has executed a contract with partner Hunan Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Technology Company Ltd. (Kaitian Environmental), to deliver an Aspiral™ Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plant to the Yiyang City Government, under its tripartite framework agreement.

    Following the successful operation of three pilot sites (announced in June 2019), Fluence’s Aspiral™ wastewater treatment technology has been endorsed by the Yiyang City Government to help meet its future planning requirements in order to comply by 2020 with the Chinese Government’s 13th five-year plan.

    The plant, which will consist of four (4) Smart Packaged Aspiral™ L4 units, will be used by the Xielingang Township government, and will treat 800 m3/day of wastewater to Class 1A standards. This is the largest capacity Aspiral™ plant so far deployed in Hunan Province, and will be commissioned as early as January 2019.

    Kaitian Environmental Senior VP and GM of PPP company, Dr. Yanchun Ke, said: “As anticipated, we are pleased to deepen and widen our cooperation with the government of Yiyang and Fluence. Fluence’s Aspiral™ solution continues to prove its efficiency for this application and we are happy to provide it to our customers. We look forward to further increasing our activities in China’s wastewater treatment market with Fluence.

    ”Commenting on this latest milestone for Fluence, Managing Director & CEO Henry Charrabé said: “This endorsement from the Yiyang City Government is another key milestone for our growth in China. It opens the door for other provincial governments to adopt Aspiral™ as the standard solution for rural wastewater treatment. We are very pleased with the fruitful nature of our partnership with Kaitian Environmental and Yiyang City, and this important reference site as Fluence continues to grow in China.”

    31st January 2019
    Hunan environmental protection leading enterprise Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection and China Agricultural Development Bank Hunan Branch signed a cooperation agreement on beautiful rural construction

    In order to implement the deployment of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi’s “Village Revitalization Strategy”, build the Yangtze River Economic Ecological Circle, and promote the “One Lake, Four Waters” ecological environment management work in Hunan Province , China Agricultural Development Bank Hunan Branch It has formed a strategic partnership with the provincial environmental protection leading company Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to promote rural revitalization and environmental governance in Hunan Province.

    On January 30, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between China Aerospace Science and Technology Group's holding subsidiary, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and China Agricultural Development Bank Hunan Branch, was held in Changsha. Provincial Agricultural Development Governor Zhang Yong, Vice President Zhou Anping, Vice President Feng Mei, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Chairman Song Weiwu, President Ye Mingqiang, Vice President Liu Hua, Vice President Zhou Wenming, Provincial Agricultural Development Department, Aerospace Kaitian The principal responsible persons of all relevant departments of environmental protection attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Feng Mei, member of the Provincial Agricultural Development Party Committee and deputy governor.

    The two parties will work mainly in the following aspects. First, the two sides will take "national interests above everything else" as a guide to action, and work hard to plan a blueprint for a beautiful rural revitalization strategy that will not fall behind in 50 years. Second, the two will cooperate to comprehensively develop rural sewage, garbage, and ponds. Environmental management in areas such as black and odorous water bodies, ecological toilets, and farmland soil remediation, especially in the Dongting Lake Basin and the Xiangjiang River Basin for comprehensive management and environmental improvement. Third, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection will integrate the high-end technology of aerospace science and technology and its 20 years of environmental management experience to create a livable and eco-environmental operation system, restore and improve the ecological environment of Hunan Province and continue to develop; fourth Provincial Agricultural Development and Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection has created a strategic system for the coordinated development of ecological leisure, cultural tourism and other industries and environmental protection while creating an ecologically livable environment, and promoted the industrialization of rural revitalization; The material-based resource recycling industrial system; sixth, to create a vein-based industrial park with the city as the core, to realize the harmless, resource-based and reduced urban construction waste and kitchen waste; seventh, vigorously promote the industrial park Third-party governance model to build a green low-carbon eco-industrial park.

    At the signing ceremony, Comrade Zhang Yong delivered a speech on behalf of the provincial agricultural distribution and said that Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection is the only environmental protection professional platform of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group. It is the first batch of training base awarded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The business covers sewage and Dajiang. Dahe Great Lakes treatment, solid waste treatment, garbage disposal, environmental services, soil ecological restoration, factory environmental treatment, kiln desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal treatment. China Agricultural Development Bank is the only agricultural policy bank in China. It takes the mission of “supporting agriculture as a country and acting as a citizen”, earnestly implements national policies, fully serves the national strategy, and supports the development of the real economy. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two sides is a unified action to unify the ideological understanding, improve the political position, support the fight against the battle against pollution, and is also an important measure to serve the rural revitalization of the province. The provincial agricultural issuance will further exert its policy-based financial advantages, increase credit support and financial services, and provide the most favorable credit policy, the fastest loan efficiency and the best quality financing services for Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection. Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection has highly praised the support and assistance provided by the provincial agricultural issuance for the development of the comprehensive environmental protection business of Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection. The provincial, municipal and county level agricultural issuance is the agricultural and rural social and economic development and ecological environment protection of Hunan Province. A lot of work done by the business, as well as the provincial agricultural distribution selection of Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection as a signing partner, expressed sincere gratitude, and strengthened cooperation and mutual cooperation between the banks and enterprises in the future, and proposed new ideas.

    April 2019
    Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection: Determined to build an ecological integrated environmental service provider to target the goal of 10 billion in the future

    From April 15th to 17th, at the 20th China Environmental Expo, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection”) focused on “Green Eco-Environmental Integrated Service Provider”. The latest environmental protection technologies and solutions such as the whole plant, the harmless treatment of domestic garbage, the integrated equipment for aerospace tank sewage treatment, the third-party treatment of industrial parks, the treatment of atmospheric environment, and the utilization of agricultural production waste resources are exhibited.

    The data shows that Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection is a holding company of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group. China Aerospace Science and Industry Group is a state-owned large-scale high-tech enterprise directly managed by the central government and a Fortune 500 company. Aerospace science and technology focuses on the development concept of "great defense, big security", vigorously develops military and civilian collaborative innovation industries, and actively responds to the call for national green development, enters the environmental protection industry, and builds aerospace Kaitian environmental protection into a leading company in the industry.

    Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a green eco-environment comprehensive service provider integrating environmental planning, environmental product research and development design, equipment manufacturing, engineering installation and facility operation. It is the first batch of 17 environmental service pilot units and “AAA” awarded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. "Class environmentally friendly credit enterprise.

    In recent years, the construction of beautiful rural areas has been continuously promoted. Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection responded to the national call for the comprehensive rectification of rural environment in the whole township of Yunmeng, Hubei Songzi, Hubei Hengyang and other places in Hunan.

    In this process, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection adopted the “Peace Promotion” model, which aims to improve the environment of the whole county, and solve the environmental problems such as garbage and sewage in the county by treating waste water from the whole county. Emission environment. In the environmental comprehensive treatment project of Yunmeng County, Hubei Province, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection started from three directions: First, the overall treatment of sewage treatment plants in more than ten townships in Yunmeng County, different townships adopt different treatment methods On this basis, unified process routes and operations to ensure that township sewage can be stably achieved and managed; second, collecting and classifying and transporting garbage from towns and villages to improve rural garbage environment; third, for major river basins, special It is the treatment of black and odorous water around some heavily polluted cities, which improves the overall urban environment.

    Not long ago, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental released its 2018 financial statements. The financial report showed that the overall business growth rate was 78%. In the context of 2018 environmental enterprises facing financial austerity and the industry turning cold, it is surprising to achieve such results.

    Talking about the future development, Ye Mingqiang said that the strategic goal of Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection is “100 billion goals, 100 billion scale”. In order to achieve this strategic goal, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental has made a lot of efforts:

    In terms of technology development, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental has invested a large amount of money each year to develop new products and technologies, and set up an industrial research center and a national-level enterprise technology center. In terms of personnel training, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental has established a special academician workstation and postdoctoral workstation. To train employees of the company;

    After years of accumulation, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection has maintained a super high growth rate: the annual growth rate is maintained at 50%-100%, and the growth rate of some business segments is close to 200%. In the past two years, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection has relied on two modes of PPP and EPC development. Through rapid accumulation in recent years, Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection has been one step closer to the goal of 10 billion. Ye Mingqiang said: "Aerospace Kaitian Environmental is expected to achieve a goal of at least 10 billion in 2020. As for the scale of 100 billion, it needs more accumulation. Aerospace Kaitian Environmental will continue to work hard for this."

    May 2019
    Yiyang City Leaders Visited Shilin Port MABR AspiralTM Wastewater Treatment Plant

    On the afternoon of May 9, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, convened the city's on-site meeting to promote urban and rural environmental infrastructure construction and the mobilization meeting to rectify the “100-day attack”. Participants inspected the local environmentally-friendly household waste incineration power plant, Qingxi Village of Xielingang Town and Xielingang Town Wastewater Treatment Plant of Yiyang High-tech Zone , and discussed in depth the work of garbage sewage treatment, rural residential environment improvement and environmental protection rectification. As the technical contractor of the Shelin Port Town Wastewater Treatment Plant , Fulang received the leaders of the city, district, county (city) and related units together with Kaitian Environmental Protection.

    About Shering Harbour
    Shelin Port Township is located in the high-tech zone of Yiyang City, Hunan Province, adjacent to the Zhixi River. The domestic sewage generated by the original residents was directly discharged into the river without treatment, which seriously affected the sustainable development of the local environment. The François AspiralTM wastewater treatment system was selected for the project due to its innovative MABR process technology, helping local governments improve the local ecology and human settlements and became the first application of Fulang in Hunan Province.

    About the project
    The Xilin Port Town Wastewater Treatment Plant, completed in March 2019, was completed in two phases. The first phase was 200 tons/day, the second phase was 600 tons/day, and the total scale was 800 m3/day. The project is responsible for civil engineering by Kaitian Environmental, and Fulang is responsible for technology and technology. The project covers an area of 3,544 square meters. It uses the Fulangshi AspiralTM intelligent sewage treatment system. The MABR process effectively breaks through the traditional process bottleneck and has the characteristics of low energy consumption, small footprint and easy installation and operation. This is the first application of the Fulang MABR AspiralTM wastewater treatment system in Hunan Province, China, to treat the general domestic sewage in rural areas, and the effluent water quality meets the strict national level A water quality* standard and can be returned to the Zhixi River.
    * National level A standard refers to the national standard GB18918-2002 urban sewage treatment plant pollutant discharge standards

    June 2019
    The unveiling ceremony of the China-Israel (Yiyang) Science and Technology Industrial Park was successfully held

    On the morning of June 7, the opening ceremony of the China-Israel (Yiyang) Science and Technology Industrial Park was held in the Central South E-Commerce Industrial Park.

    The leaders and guests attending the opening ceremony were: Mr. Daniel Ross, Chairman of the China-Israel Exchange Center, Mr. Li Xinqiu, Deputy Director of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Mr. Zhang Yhengheng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, and Mayor of the Municipal People's Government, Yiyang High-tech Zone Mr. Wang Jun, Secretary of the Working Committee, representative of Israeli entrepreneurs, head of the West Asia Africa Department of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Yiyang Municipal Government Office, Yiyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, responsible comrades of Yiyang High-tech Zone, and other relevant leaders and personnel.

    According to the idea of “researching and promoting rapid localization and transformation in foreign countries”, China-Israel Science and Technology Industrial Park (Yiyang) will make full use of Israel's advantages in terms of smart devices. The "market manipulation" model is to cultivate an international platform, which is the promotion of science and technology projects, which will be the basis for comprehensive, platform-based national scientific and technological achievements reform. China - Israel, China's scientific and technological research projects for information exchange and information collection - Through the platform of the 2022 Israeli research and production platform and internationalization, we are 30 high-tech industrial projects, intellectual property services. By 2022, we will strive to successfully incubate and reform more than 30 high-tech industrial projects.

    11th June 2019
    Provincial research team went to Xielin Port Town to investigate the operation of township sewage treatment plant

    The provincial Department of Finance member, deputy director of Lee Byung force, the provincial Housing Department Deputy Director Yi Kobayashi and his party went to the town's new research Schelling town of operation of sewage treatment plants and workshops. Peng Jianzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, attended the seminar. Zhou Lang, deputy secretary of the working committee of Yiyang High-tech Zone, director of the management committee, member of the working committee and deputy director of the management committee, accompanied the investigation. Liu Lingyun, director of the Municipal Finance Bureau, and Xiong Shoulin, director of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, led the municipal and district finance and housing construction departments to participate in the survey.

    The provincial research team conducted a site inspection of the Xielingang Town Wastewater Treatment Plant in Yiyang High-tech Zone. Under the guidance of the staff, they visited the entire sewage treatment section and inquired in detail about the construction investment amount and pipe network coverage of the sewage treatment plant. Rate, daily processing capacity, operating costs, post-income, etc.

    Peng Jianzhong said that the city attaches great importance to the construction of the township sewage treatment plant, which is a project to further protect the scientific operation and promotion of the township-level sewage treatment plant. On the one hand, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of who pays for pollution, according to the relevant regulations of the higher authorities. The sewage treatment fee shall be levied on the residents to ensure the normal operation and maintenance funds of the sewage treatment plant; on the other hand, a reasonable reward and subsidy policy shall be formulated to provide a certain degree of financial support for sewage treatment and reduce the economic burden of townships and residents.

    31st July 2019
    June Appendix 4C Business Update

    We continue to see tremendous interest in MABR-based products as the market recognises the lower electricity consumption and operating costs of these units. Given the unique operating cost advantages of MABR, we are in various stages of negotiations with several Chinese partners and the respective provincial governmentsto establish final assembly capacity within theirprovinces in exchange for multi-year order commitments. This would require minimal investment by Fluence and would enhance Smart Product Solutions revenue visibility.Given our large pipeline of MABR opportunities(including these provincial opportunities),we are ramping moduleproduction to meet demand. We currently have oneline installed in our Chinese facility and are moving to full three-shift operations for this one line by year-end.

    Fluence Q2 Investor Business Update Conference Call

    What gives us so much confidence that MABR sales will materialize the way we expectis our core China market, which represents the bulk of our MABR revenue. We are receiving strong indications of near-term orders from existing customers, and we areworking on several new multi-year agreements. These multi-year contracts would be executed with our channel partners and in coordination with provincial governments whileestablishing final assembly capacityfor ASPIRAL systemswithin therespective province. Our MABR modules would still be manufactured exclusivelyby usin our Changzhou facility and then transported to the provincial assembly facility. The assembly capacity is extremely inexpensive, so this would not require meaningful capexandcould potentially lower transportation costsand logisticsby performing final assembly of our ASPIRAL solutions closer to the end user installation site. Additionally, outside of China, we are seeing growing interest in MABR, as well.

    As a result of this strong demand, we are ramping production of modules in our Changzhou facilityand expect to reach its full capacity of three-shift operations for one line of manufacturing by year end. MABR isa fast turn business, so we are building inventory to meet visible near-term demand.

    Aug - Sept 2019
    Yiyang Municipal Committee delegation to visit Israel.

    In Israel, we will attend the signing of the investment intention of the MABR Integrated Wastewater Treatment Equipment Manufacturing Plant in Yiyang High-tech Zone and Israel Fulangshi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd

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