Float adjusted market cap

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    Sorry if this has been done to death.  I hold a company which on some platforms has a market cap of around 33 million and on others has a market cap of around 100 million.  I understand that this is because some platforms/websites such as Commsec and Nabtrade are 'float adjusted' and others such as the ASX and Hot Copper are not.  I understand, to some extent, why it is done, but I'm struggling to understand how it affects the value of a company as market cap is often mentioned on these forums as a useful research tool, i.e. the smaller the market cap, the more growth potential a stock might have.  So, my question is, do I think about the company mentioned above as being a 100 million dollar company or a 33 million dollar company? (I get that market cap is not the same as total equity, but it is still used to value companies to some extent).  Any insights would be appreciated.
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