btmo - you've put a lot of time into your strawman post.However,...

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    btmo - you've put a lot of time into your strawman post.

    However, you've simply framed it to suit your existing thinking, cherry picking what you decide the other arguments are. If you think that is scientific well good for you, nobody should deny you your opinion.

    Now, on the other hand, if you are genuine in your search for truth, seek and you will find.

    My contentions here have been about nasa consistently lying and being exposed multiple times. As I suggested previously, a little bit of research into nasa's roots is time well spent. There should be no reason for nasa to lie about anything, EVER! I don't recall making comments on any other issue.

    Like you, I went to school and had the science education of the day, so I think it is safe to say that most posters on here understand the position of the mainstream cosmologists - and yes, I do keep up with their pontifications. I expect that you keep up too, so you should be well aware that they don't really have a clue, and admit it candidly.

    I'll close by saying that there are many posts on this thread linking sources of information for anyone that chooses to research space or any of the topics you listed. For anyone that is genuinely wishing to study these things there is a huge amount of information out there including an enormous amount of testable, repeatable, empirical data.

    There are many that would crush the spirit of investigation and discussion, ref. this very thread. However, rather than post things on here for the entertainment of those with no other intent other than ridicule and character assassination, it seems best to use the good old HotCopper maxim of 'Doing Your Own Research!'

    Ancient wisdom says we should prove all things and that to rush to judgement in things that we haven't bothered to investigate is foolishness.


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